Are TADplants a viable solution for preserving dental implant receptor sites?

Recent Email to Dental Implant and Orthodontic Patient: (Thursday July 12, 2018)

It was great meeting you at our Marietta office yesterday. I look forward to continuing your orthodontic care.

Yesterday, we talked about your experience at ClearChoice Dental Implant Centers and the high cost of implant dentistry. You have invested a small fortune in your dental implants. In the end it will all be worth it! You are in good hands at Clear Choice.

I have attached a zip file that you can download to view two short video files. My son, Dr. Jonathan, recently removed two of the TADplants after being in the young (16Yrs to 20Yrs) patient’s mouth for 4 years. TADplants are temporary mini dental implants that could potentially be left in place for 10 or more years. The TADplant will preserve the implant site bone until removed and replaced by a more permanent dental implant. My goal is to provide an affordable option for the many patients that do not have financial resources to have permanent dental implants placed now. This is also a possible solution for younger growing patients that are not candidates (immature bone) for permanent dental implants. I have also included the TADplant insertion video. TADplants are placed flapless with or without a surgical guide (no surgical flap) in 1-2 minutes each and removed in under 30 seconds.

Feel free to share this information with your Clear Choice doctors.

Thank you,

Dr. O

TADplant Insertion Video

TADplant Removal Video