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Implant dentistry has the ability to dramatically improve a patient’s smile, health and confidence; however, implants might not be an option if a patient lacks the financial resources.


While permanent dental implant options remain costly, there are now game changing implant options available. Dive into the world of implants and OrthoVeneers with ABO Certified Orthodontist and Dental Implant Educator, Paul L. Ouellette, DDS, MS, ABO, AFAAID. During this in-depth session, learn the latest technological advancements including a hybrid temporary anchor device that will support a crown or bridge and maintain implant receptor site bone. This patented medical device is called the TADplant (temporary bone anchors). Discover how longevity (10+ years) and affordability make TADplants a viable interim option for adults, as well as younger growing patients who are not candidates for permanent implants due to immature bone.

Learn how TADplants can be placed flapless with or without a surgical guide in 60 seconds and removed in less than 30-seconds. Discuss how to digitally scan and plan the TADplant insertion path and abutment using CBCT imaging and simple cephalometrics. Explore 3D print options for the OrthoVeneer/Crown/Bridge with integrated monolithic orthodontic attachments. Pinpoint methods for retaining the orthodontic correction prior to placement of the permanent implants and crowns.


Leave the session with a comprehensive understanding of adjunctive orthodontic techniques and dental implant case management. Participants are invited to bring their interdisciplinary cases and audience participation is encouraged throughout.


Practice Management Aspect of the Lecture

Dr. O has developed 35+ multispecialty practices/office locations during his 45+ year career. Learn how he accomplished this! Explore practice management concepts, including: challenges in working with team members, employing strategic leniency, and generating patients with social media and internet marketing.  Draw upon Dr. O’s extensive experience in dental market research, facility construction, and equipping multiple practices on a reasonable budget.

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Dr. Paul L. Ouellette, DDS, MS, ABO, AFAAID is an ABO Certified Orthodontist, AAID credentialed implant dentist, educator, humanitarian, and author. Throughout his five-decade career, Dr. Ouellette has been a leading proponent of implementing cutting edge technology applications in dentistry. By embracing new technology, Dr. Ouellette aims to make dentistry and orthodontics more affordable and accessible for everyone. Dr. O brings his passion, knowledge and experience to his speaking engagements.

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Presentations (partial list)

  • AAO National Meeting
  • AAO Southern Society Meeting
  • Chicago Midwinter Meetings
  • Fifth District Dental Society
  • Georgia Dental Association Annual Meeting
  • Georgia Dental Society Annual Meeting
  • Hines V.A. Hospital
  • Hinman Meeting
  • Illinois State Dental Society Meetings
  • Loyola School of Dentistry
  • National A.D.A. Meeting (multiple)
  • Northwest District Dental Society Annual Meeting
  • Northwestern School of Dentistry
  • Southern Society of Orthodontists Annual Meeting (multiple)

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Below is a description of Dr. O’s lecture series about the TADplant and Orthoveneer Systems including his Speaker Packet for meeting planners:


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